Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Yesterday was my first day of my hard-core 30 day Medifast trial. I've been counting calories with my new BFF app MyFitnessPal (which I LOVE). Medifast is something that worked for my husband (Sam) to loose weight and I figured I can't keep complaining about weight gain if I haven't actually tried EVERYTHING.

So, day 1? Not too bad. I did not work out and I had the day off. What's not to love? Here's a cheat sheet of Medi-isms for what you go through on this meal plan. None is really that scary, all are reversible.

1. Medi-gas: lots o fiber = lots o gas. No way around it. It's going to build.
2. Medi-mean: let's face it. you are starving, maybe even to DEATH. You get mean. Period.
3. Medi-sober: no alcohol for a while. See "medi-mean"
4. Medi-tired: Eating less calories is going to equal less energy at first. Remember - reversible
5. Medi-shaky: Gotta eat every two-three hours. The shaky will get you if you forget to set your watch
6. Medi-memory: Let's face it. You got food on the brain. I can only fit in so much.

Today I had a serious case of the Medi-s. It started with my phone alarm at 8am. Not sure what I forgot that was on the calendar I checked it out - smile quickly fades. Jury Duty! In 5 minutes!!!!!! SHIT SHIT SHIT. How did I forget? I went on the website and felt all the blood leaving my face. I'm not sure what happens in jail, but I watched Locked Up, Beyond Scared Straight, and First Week In. I would die in jail. I'm too weak, especially since I have cut back the calories. Although, Medi-mean will kick in soon and that might do me well.

I checked the website, my number was not called! Phew! Jail sentence avoided.

After a long day at work I made it home with both kids, some things you just can't forget. I started planning my lean and green meal when my phone alarm went off again. Crap! What this time? The MELTING POT!? The ladies on my triathlon team were meeting at the melting pot, in 5 minutes, and I TOTALLY FORGOT! How does that happen? I was so excited for it, been on the books, rubbed it in Sam's face! Crap!

So, day 1 was fine, day 2 I avoided jail and the melting pot. I wonder what day 3 will have in store?

The Final Medi - ? Medi-skinny or Medi-Fit. It's a club I hope to join soon.