Saturday, February 25, 2012

Two of my addictions

We all have them. Things we think about all the time, can't live without, spend money on when we don't really "need" them. Some are bad for us, some we hide, some are just plain weird.

One of mine falls in the category of "Awesome". It mostly gets delivered to my house, but I also pick them up while I'm out.
 Magazines are my weakness. Food, fashion, celebrity gossip, running, triathlon, biking.....I subscribe to them ALL. I love magazine day in the mail (which was yesterday). I tend to hoard them until the PERFECT time to sit down and pour over them. I read them a certain way too. I go through and look at the pictures, scan what's going on - then I go back through and read them cover to cover. I'm not sure when this addiction started, possibly with my mom. For Christmas we always got a magazine in our stocking. I totally looked forward to it. Lately I've been really into Fashion. Instyle is my bible, I'm loving Glamour too. I do share my addiction though. If you are ever in need of a magazine I will always hook a friend up. I guess I'm a dealer and a user.

My other addiction? Thrifting and super deals online. I have found some amazing thrift deals - wool slacks from Banana Republic for $5, Cashmere sweater for $4, multiple skirts, and -finally- a chambray shirt for $4. Online I find some pretty good deals, like this SA VA dress. It was on clearance for $15! SUPER markdown. I had to call because the website wasn't working right. They were SO nice on the phone. Totally helped me out and shipped the dress that afternoon. I have another dress from that store - which I love - and can't wait to see this one! I'm pretty into sparkle these days and I think this fits the bill.
SA VA Eve dress

Here's the first SA VA I got. I actually won it on Carly's blog.

What are some of your addictions? If anyone knows of a magazine I MUST check out feel free to fuel my addiction.