Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tears and Chears

What a week!

Mason's first day of Preschool

Sammy's first day of Kindergarten

Both boys had amazing first weeks at school. Sammy loves "everything" about Kindergarten. Mason loves preschool because he "plays with his friends all day". I love them because we are no longer paying for daycare! Woohoo!

The boys also completed their first triathlon. It was really well done, in a neighborhood, and SUPER exciting to watch. I may have shed more tears watching the tri than when they went to school!

I think Mason looks pretty BA here

Mason on the swim - passing chicks left and right

Strolling across the timing mat

putting the pedal to the medal with his crazy shark helmet

look at that form! no messing with a man that pumps his arms like that

sammy on the swim
Sammy killing it on the bike

Looking good, powering up the last hill
Yeah Hardman's!

Rockin the race shirt
That was a great weekend and week. I risked dehydration a few times between first days of school and first triathlons. It was touch and go for a bit there, but I made it!

This weekend was Sam's turn to make me cry. He completed his first 70.3 Iron distance Triathlon. Patriot's 1/2 Ironman is in Williamsburg so we stayed at my dads house which helped alot with nerves and just being organized. My uncle brought him in the am so I could be with the boys and get rested up for serious cheering.

Sam wore his wetsuit - kept him out of the running for winning anything, but since that wasn't a goal he went for it. The transition from swim to T1 was crazy long (as you can see). Lots of grass, sand, and straw to run through. He did have a HUGE smile on his face though - the swim was good.

There's that smile again. He clearly loved this race. I only got one picture of him on the bike because I could never tell which one was him until he was passed me. Always happens that way. I cheered like a maniac every time I saw him. The bike went well, the last 10 miles or so were a false flat - he said he could have done without that.

Mile 1. Got some chaffing going on

Mile 6 in the corn fields
Sam did not love the run. It got really hot, there was not much shade, and he had to run 13.1 (who loves that?) We got to see him alot because the run was a lollipop and they did the loop twice. It was so nice to run up and hug him and scream and yell.

Last .1 of the run!!!!! Home stretch
In the finish shoot with the boys

Crossed the finish line with the boys
Pretty great that Set Up Events lets kids cross with their parents. The even gave the boys medals! It was a great way to finish a long day.

so proud!

To get Sam in the zone for the race I made him a book of inspiration. His buddies all sent me quotes, inspiration, motivation, and funnies. I cried reading most of them - so did Sam :)

The book turned out great. Thank you everyone who donated motivation for Sam!

Now to look at what next years race schedule brings our family.