Thursday, August 22, 2013

Annoying, Irritating, Boastful, Obnoxious, Stupid......

I've been around the diet and workout block a few times. I've tried a lot of different things, some to success, and some not so much.

I did the shake thing. Drink a few shakes a day, eat some veggies, loose weight. The first time I did this (yes. more that one attempt) it did work - I just had my second baby and had a ton of fat to loose. The shake thing worked because it limited my calories, gave me vitamins, and I had a newborn and a 15 month old. There was NO time to cook, plan to cook, eat, nothing....I just drank. I lost the weight I wanted to loose and then gained some back.

Why did I gain again? I started working out. I really only did cardio, but I wasn't doing anything before. I added some muscle (not a lot) and also increased my food intake for what I was doing. I caught the running bug big time. I signed up for at least one race a month. I did everything from 5k's to the Marine Corp Marathon. I gained 10 pounds training for that. It sucked. I'm still trying to shed that 10!

I started to become frustrated with the running thing. I had done all the distances that I was interested in and felt I had met that goal. I am also not fast. I'm not a turtle, but I'm not quick. I also was not getting any faster. I started to set time goals for races, didn't meet them, and got upset. I know the universe does not care where I place in my age group - but I did. I cared a lot. Some girlfriends caught the running bug with me and did a bunch of races with me. That was super fun. Then we all got really busy. Moms. Geesh.

I spent some time giving the middle finger to the scale and trying to figure out how to be happy with my  body and feel good about myself. I have no will power, so I needed to get on board with some sort of eating plan. I used the MyFitnessPal app for a bit, it helped me really see what I was stuffing into my face. Oops. That is HOW many portions?

Then a friend at work told me to go to Crossfit with her. I was nervous as hell, but thought "sure, why not?" I do know that I can only complain so much about thigh jiggle when I'm not actually doing much about it.

Now I do Crossfit anywhere from 3-6 days a week, I try and eat clean-ish :), and I LOVE it. My body responds to the "lift heavy shit" and my brain loves it. I have a new type of confidence that I didn't have before. I have no worries about getting muscles (I'm not a body builder, duh), I cherish my bruises (that was HEAVY!), and I enjoy getting a good sweat.

So what's with the title of this post? I've heard it all. Since starting Crossfit I've heard "you will get too big", "you will get hurt", "you can't do pull ups, your a girl", "It's too intense", "it's too scary", "you post about it too much", "I could never do that" goes on and on. For the most part I ignore it and just do my thing. But why is someone who is happy and working on getting healthy getting so much negative crap?

 It's annoying. I check in everytime I go to Crossfit because it goes to a charity (different every month) - but you know what? I work really hard as a full time mom, full time speech therapist, full time friend - I am proud to check in, sweat hard, lift shit, and tell facebook all about it.

I do have a wonderful group of supporters. I love them all. You all listen, cheer, and support me so much! Thank you!