Monday, March 3, 2014

7 year old wisdom and Patience - 14.1

As I waited for the 14.1 workout to be announced I was thinking about my back. I am not sure one thing hurt it - but more a combination of lots of clean pull drills, pull ups, and WODs. I don't do hurt well - but I'm trying to just recover. Luckily I have until Monday night to do this workout and get credit for it.

Tuesday night was my last workout. I have been taking it easy, stretching, using Biofreeze, more sucks. Each day I have felt better, which can be dangerous for me because I will jump back in too early. Luckily I have Sam and a coach that have kept me in check. Thanks guys!

10 minutes: 30 Double Unders, 15 Snatches (55#)

I went to CFA on Friday night to cheer on my friends in 14.1. It looked tough for sure. I had a game plan of "steady eddy" before watching people do it. I also had a # goal. I suck at Crossfit math, so that # goal was quickly revised when I realized I didn't do the math right. :) It was great cheering on my friends and helping them hit their goals (either getting just some double unders, unbroken snatches, or just making it 10 minutes). I walked away with a few more things to add to my list: don't walk away from the bar, it's ok to break the snatches into sets of 5, RELAX on the double unders. 

I did 14.1 on Sunday - waited for my back to feel better and it did. Whew. Still sore, but didn't feel it at all during the workout. Double unders messed me up. Snatches and cardio were good. Great even. First two rounds I did the snatches unbroken, then broke them into sets of 5.

Goals for 14.1:

1. don't pee my pants (double unders.....yeesh)
2. don't poop my pants (nervous poo reality)
3. stay at the bar - do not walk away from it
4. stay calm. stay calm.
5. keep tight. don't hurt my back

I did all these things. No pee, no poo. I did not walk away from the bar and waist time. I stayed calm. My back did not bother me at all. I did not hit the number I wanted, but I also did not do the double unders well enough to do that. I was on the phone with my husband telling him I was embarrassed, wanted to do it again, didn't like my score - you know....pitty party. My 7  year old, in the back seat, told me this:

"Mom, you did great! You worked so hard and you tried so hard. I think you are great and so strong. 190!?!? I couldn't get anything close to that! I'm proud of you!"

Yep. The 7 year old gets it. I did not hit my number BUT I tried, I gave it my all. My family is proud of me. I'm proud of me. I did 14.1. I will do the rest of the workouts and give it my all.

I went in and gave it one more shot today. I relaxed, followed the plan, and did what I know I can. I improved by 29! Day two of snatches were a little heavier - but I did it.

Hope everyone out there gave it there all this week!