Monday, March 10, 2014

Hard Ass Work and 14.2

So The Open has been a roller coaster of emotions for me so far. Two weeks in and I have said they are lame, awesome, too exclusionary, stupid, get the idea. The only thing I haven't said is "I wont do this again" - I love this sport, it's my crack. I'll totally sign up again next year no matter what 14.3, .4, and .5 bring us.

So, 14.1 I was unhappy about the double unders. Why? They are a weakness. Duh, of course I'm not happy to have that highlighted. So what am I working on now? DU's. Trying to hit sets of 30+ consistently. Thanks CF.

14.2: over head squats and chest to bar pull ups. What? Ok, over head squats I've been practicing. So no big whoop. Thankfully you start with that, so I knew I would get 10 points. Whew. Chest to bar? I thought MAYBE I could get one. A score of 11 would be fantastic. A score of 12? I'd cry. My coach said I should do it a second time IF I got less than 5 CTB pull ups and think I can do a few more BUT if I got 30 or more I should not (don't want to rip my hands). 30? or more? Bwahahahahahahaha. I laughed and told him if I got 30 or more then I would cry and declare myself queen of CFA.

Well? I present to you Queen Ann

33 Chest to bar pull ups!!!!!!

And my reaction?

I spent a lot of time being excited - but also being nervous. Why? I kept thinking "did I do those right?", "did I REALLY do them?", "can I ever do them again?", "how in the world was I able to do that?". To answer: yes, I did them according to the standards and had many many people watching. Yes, I really really did do them. Yes, I can do them again (did them Friday and again Sunday). How in the world did I do them? A lot of hard ass work. Prior to The Open I did 21 weeks of straight EXTRA work in addition to showing my shiny happy face at Crossfit Annandale 5-6 days a week. I recorded it all, reported it to a coach, analyzed it, and worked my butt off. Why? Because I want to get better, faster, stronger......I love this shit! When The Open is done I will be back on the extra work - working on things I learned from the open and working on things that are already planned.

Hard work, consistency, awesome support from CFA - that's how I went from a goal of 11 reps to 77 reps for 14.2.

Then I got to enjoy my boys putting in their work. They are in super speed - so pardon the blurs :)