Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hi. My name is Ann and I'm a stress-aholic......

I have a problem with stress. I stress about stress. I can stress about anything - Nothing to stress about? No problem. I can invent find something. I have extremely patient and supportive friends that laugh at my stress, talk me off a ledge, and help me see how ridiculous I can be. Thanks guys!

Most recently I have seen first hand how stress has been affecting my weight.

I've been told a million times:

Also - STOP looking at what your role models/ "I want to look like her" are eating, doing, posting..... Why? You ARE NOT them. They are pros. I am NOT. I do not need to eat 6 meals of 1 million grams of protein. I did not workout 5 times today. They have no idea what's going on with Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, Real Housewives, Candidly Nicole, Tori and Dean.....I do. I really, really do. 

I have stressed about my weight. Spent hours looking up how _______ eats. I weighed myself daily. I have researched. I have spent money on - well, you name it. I have done online nutrition coaching. I have been to an actual sports nutritionist. Just writing about all this makes me sweat. What does all this equal? Stress. Then I'm upset, crying, emotional, one likes it. Then I want to quit and eat the cookie dough tube.

I don't know what changed. I don't know what clicked.....maybe just the stars aligned.....but this last month has been my best, least stressed food/weight/workout month EVER. That's right folks, EVER! Stress levels are DOWN. If they go up they come back to earth MUCH faster. I'm done stressing about my stupid weight!

I am eating when I'm hungry (duh). I'm eating protein. I'm eating green veggies - LOTS. I'm drinking water - All. Day. Long. I've lost 7.6 pounds this month. What!?!?! No stress. I've had fun food days.... Let me tell you about this snowball I had in Baltimore. That's right, upgraded with the marshmellow fluff. Who am I? I've had some wine, some cocktails. Instead of freaking out and wondering "What am I doing wrong?", "What am I going to weight tomorrow?" - I have decided to not think about it. One meal did not get me chubby. It was years of neglect.

Now I'm waking up with a smile. It's so nice. Just ask my husband.

Stress. Get rid of it. Smile. Live life. Have fun. 

I do still like to check on what the greats are Lauren:

The difference now is that when I watch it I'm in awe. I'm not taking notes, I'm not thinking how I can incorporate their life into mine.......These are pros. They are not me. They do not have my life.