Friday, July 23, 2010

Not so hip.....

Went to the Dr today to see why my hip is not feeling so great. I was terrified she would tell me that I had to quit running or worse - something that I would have to just "deal with". But, Good news! Just a strained muscle. Whew! She gave me a bunch of stretches to do and said "no running for a week".

WHAT!? No running for a week? My rational brain knows that's ok. I will not die. I can ride my bike, swim, relax......maybe. My neurotic brain is screaming "I will be stressed and I will gain 1 million pounds" (already thinking about where the closest store I can buy swedish fish is at). I already made the first of the hard decisions and told my wonderful Sole Sisters (Alyson and Meg) that I can't do our run tomorrow. Eeek! But, what did Alyson come back at me with? "I think you picked a pretty good week to take off because of the heat advisories" Thanks SO much for the positive spin! That one statement totally changed how I'm going to approach my week off.

The plan? Lots of bike riding and swimming. I'm turning 30 on Thursday. There are tons of other things I can do this week to replace running and being rested for my WHITE TRASH BASH will be a good thing.

Not so sure I can take pictures of my bike ride like I did with the run, but we'll see. Here's to hoping I have a speedy recovery and that I don't kill my family without running this week! :)