Tuesday, July 20, 2010

and so it begins......

My quest to pack in the race calendar for the next few months (before that cold sets in) is getting intense. I was going through what I have and realized I do not have a race in August! Oh no! How did that WHOLE month slip by me?? I'm sure I will be more than fine, but I'm itching to find something.....somewhere.....anywhere.....

I have two races in September: 1/2 marathon in Va Beach with my Sole Sisters! and my 1st sprint Tri a week later in Williamsburg (Patriot Sprint). October calendar: sprint tri with Sam, Lee and Alyson and then my questionable Halloween race. I am currently signed up for the Marine Corp 10K. It was a temper tantrum registration, I wanted the marathon.....but I did not register fast enough. So, I decided the 10K was my backup, pity run.

Long story short....I have spent a decent amount of time today stalking people who have bibs but can't do the marathon. So, I have 2 emails out there in cyber world....who knows....maybe I'll be running in the marathon this year! I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

As for now I'm going on with cross training for the Tri, racking up the weekly miles for the 1/2 in va beach. I'm trying hard to get 2:00:00 flat.

ok - back to check my email and continue stalking marine corp marathoners