Wednesday, July 28, 2010

To run or not to run......

Great Question!

I'm trying to decide if I'm going to the track workout tonight. My hip feels 90% better. I'm stretching it and taking Ibuprofen. The workout tonight is:

run 3-6 X (600 @ 10K pace, then "float"100 (ez jog), then run 200 all out) rest 3-5 mins or jog ez 400 between sets

Running that much for first run back might be a little too much. I do have a babysitter though.....tempting. I haven't run in a week......tempting. It's not 100 degrees outside.....tempting.

I might have to jog around some before I leave and make it a game time decision. I don't want to be laid up my first workout back with this sore hip. Although, I was thinking back to college days of playing lacrosse. A sore hip would have never kept me out of practice or a game. Most of us usually hid injuries to make sure we could play. Never once did I think about what I was doing to my body long-term, just that I wanted to play - and play hard. I do remember giving the injured a hard time - "suck it up" "get used to it" "you need to stretch/sleep/run/lift more". Now, I get a sore hip and not only did I take a week off, I went to the Dr, stretched, limped, season ending injury. :)

I have enjoyed my week off - even though I was sure I would die from lack of running. I rode the bike like crazy and stretched. I also spent a ton of time reading other peoples blogs - living through them.
We'll see what tonight brings!