Sunday, December 12, 2010

I need to play the lottery!

I haven't posted much lately. I'm not going to lie - I haven't done much lately. I've been biking, strength training, walking, and doing yoga. I haven't been running much as a break to myself. Since the marathon I needed to change up the activities so I don't burn out. I am obsessed with running and want to keep it that way!

Sam and I have set up our 2011 race calendar - with some wiggle room. I'm all set to run the Nation's 1/2 Marathon in March. That will start my season off. Sam has even said he'll run a 1/2 marathon with me in June! That will be his first - it's a wine 1/2 marathon. They had me at wine. 5K or a full marathon - they had me at wine. We have a race scheduled for almost every month, which is how I like to train. Always something in my sights.

So, the lottery. In the last few months I have won a t-shirt, pair of running shoes, pair of running socks, Polar water bottle, marathon DVD, and now.......from Nathan's.......$100 to sports authority and 2 hydration packs! I.Am.Excited! I never win anything and now all this!?

I feel like it's for all the time, energy, $ I've put into running this year. Getting a little something back. Hopefully I'll be posting more as I get into some more training. Figured no one wanted to hear about my incline treadmill walk or my ass
hurting after
spin class.

Sam did put up pictures of all my races so far. The plan is to put the collages up the stairwell on the main level. He's got a few pics in there, but I'm winning with the amount of race pics. It's alot of fun to look at them all, especially the very first one I did. Mason is a baby and I look SO young! A year makes such a huge difference!