Friday, June 24, 2011

How to move past a crappy workout and ANOTHER thing about me!

This weeks training went pretty well. Monday is almost always my day off. It also happened to be the last full day of school! It was field day and I spent a big portion of it outside and scored a cherry snow cone.

Tuesday I did a trainer ride and Wednesday was track and pool. Trying to get my track workout proved difficult. I went to the local HS track and it was closed for repairs! I'm glad it was getting fixed, but that really screwed my plans. I told the boys that if they were good I'd get them dunkin donuts (yep, bribery). So, we got donuts and tried the college track. Open, but you had to pay $3 cash. I did not have cash. CRAP! Mason cried when I said we were going home - guess he really wanted to play at the track.

It was starting to get hot and I was not real happy about that. We tried one more high school. Success! I had 4x5 min I pace to do with 2 minutes recovery in between. I was just about finished with number 3 when Sammy grabbed his head and screamed.

Sammy cut his head on the bleachers
He was ok, but there was some blood and lots of tears. The workout was done. Time to go home.

We relaxed in the pool and just chilled.

Then the boys made pizza from scratch for dinner. Yum!

Thursday night we met up with Coach Rob for a bike session. I was nervous. I knew it would be hard and I hadn't been out of the neighborhood clipped in yet. Nervous poo to say the least. His girls watched the boys while we went out. It was great! I didn't die or fall (whew!) and Coach Rob gave me some great pointers. I really gained a lot of confidence with this ride. It was also a huge eye opener - I have NOT been riding this hard on my own! I will have to step it up. There was one hill that got me. Yup. I unclipped and walked up the hill. I was embarrassed, but also scared I would fall over if I couldn't make it up. We did the loop one more time, this time I got up that effin hill! It was slow, but I did it. Go Ann!

This morning I tried a run. I actually made it .5 miles. It was too hot (10am, what was I thinking?) and my Garmin was crapping out, and my piriformis was bothering me. Stupid bad run. Why do those happen? So that I appreciate the good ones? I might have been tired from the ride the night before too. 

Tonight is our pre race dinner for Sam. He is racing the I Love the Tavern Sprint on Sunday with his BFF. I'm so excited to cheer for him. We go down tomorrow and the boys and I have already made our signs.

My "thing about me"? Well, it has proved to be more annoying lately than ever. I have a profound hearing loss in my right ear. I've had it since birth but didn't get diagnosed until high school! If you are behind me odds are I wont hear you (sucks on the bike) and if you are on the right side of me odds are I'm turning towards you and reading lips. I tried hearing aids two different times, but they didn't help much.

How do you cope with crappy workouts or missed workouts?

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