Saturday, June 11, 2011

What a week!!!!!!

Let's start with what I'm beaming about right now......It's Saturday night and I'm 7/7 for workouts this week! I have a long swim to do tomorrow and then I can say "I did everything my Coach asked me to". That's a great thing to know.

Monday: Swim. I went after work and it felt great. I was not nearly as sore after this 1/2 marathon as I usually am - but getting in the water and swimming felt really really good. No pounding for me! I did have to swim with all the high school elite swimmers. I'm pretty sure the lifeguards could tell exactly which lane divided us. I did find a new UH-MAZING goggle defogger. FOGGLE. This is a wipe that you use on your goggles to keep all that fog out. Normally I can get about 100 into my swim workout - then it's "stop for fog". I went an entire 1600 workout without any fog!!!! I'm sold!! Now to buy stock in it.....

Tuesday: Foundation Run. Easy Peasy. Did 25 minutes around the neighborhood. It was ungodly hot out.

Wednesday: Swim. Test for my T-Pace. I have never swam for time before. This was a little nervous about it. I had to swim 3x300 with no more than 15 seconds difference between them. Pressure! Well, I stayed just about as consistent as I can and got my T-Pace. Now I have times I need to hit during swims. I took the day off today from work to take Sammy to preschool and Mason to the Dr's. A really nice day with my boys!

Thursday: Took the day off from training. We went as a family to a Olive Oil store opening. I know - sounds lame. It was great! There are 35 different oils and vinegars to taste and the ones you like they bottle right there for you. I've never seen anything like it! We bought a dark chocolate balsamic vinegar, a lemon olive oil - and quite a few others. Very, very cool and super fun. Oh, and I got a hair cut.
That's got to shave some time off my swim!

Friday: Two work outs today since I didn't do one yesterday. I swam in the morning with my new T-Pace times. It felt great. Foggle rocked again. Not many people in the pool, which I really like. I went off to work and breezed through a nice Friday in Middle School. I got home and put the bike trainer on the back deck and rode my heart out watching the boys play. Doesn't get much better than that.

My new bike jersey

Saturday: Sam is in Maryland cooking and cheering Team Fexy at Eaglman. We were both going to go, but no babysitters this weekend and the boys would go crazy at a race in this heat all day long. I'd probably go crazy with them too. So this morning I rode my bike outside. On the road. Clipped in. This is HUGE for me! I rode for 45 minutes, longest ride to date. I clipped in and out, stopped, and felt 100% more confident than ever. It was ridiculously hot. There was alot of sweat.

All the necessary stuff for a hot bike ride
Then it was off to Burke Lake to run with the boys. I pushed their 71 pounds of dead weight 40 minutes around that lake. It.Was.Awful. I don't know if I will ever do that again. I don't know how people do that. Sammy said his butt hurt from bouncing over rocks, other than that they were great sports about it. I did reward them with some icecream for being so good. Oh, and a bird pooped on my head. Right on it. Crazy, right?

In the bathroom cooling off with cold water. Beautiful

I have a long swim scheduled for Sunday. I'm feeling focused, happy, energized....and I'm super happy that this is the last week of school. Almost summer time, pool time, beach time.

Any big summer plans?