Tuesday, June 28, 2011

oh. THAT'S how you are supposed to ride a bike?

Last week we rode bikes with Coach Rob. I've been on the bike twice since then. I'm going to be honest here....I NEVER rode like that before I rode with him. Now? It's all about sweat, burn, and double digits on the hills. I mean, how many ways can you ride a bike? Apparently there is the "easy" way and then there is Coach Rob's way.

Pretty sure this is how steep Coach Rob's hill was
Now I'm paying attention to form, speed, feel, and using "free speed". Man, this bike this is tough! I have learned with exercise the better you get the harder it gets. There is so much to be thinking about. Luckily I'm feeling awesome at clipping in and out, stopping, and being around cars.

I'm almost positive this is what I look like now on the bike
I'm gearing up for the Colonial Beach Sprint Tri. I can NOT wait! I'm feeling much more prepared and ready for this. My husband and kids will be cheering me on from the beach too.

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Sam is going to guest blog tomorrow about his race from Sunday. Spoiler alert: He NAILED it!