Wednesday, June 1, 2011

All I have is this old dime I found on my run......

Yesterday was hot. I had to run. It's race week - which can mess with my head - and I had a great pep talk from Coach Rob. So, a run must be done. I played with the boys in the pool for 2 hours and then headed out on my 4 mile run.

Getting ready for such a hot run always messes with me. I like to wear longer pants/capris to avoid chub rub and I like to wear t-shirts so there is something for me to wipe sweat off with. I see people all the time wearing just the sports bra and shorts. I'd love to rock that look - but for now I'm a capris and t-shirt/tank top gal (too much bouncing EVERYWHERE).

I left the house and locked the door......... then remembered that I had a water bottle on the counter. Ice cold. Would taste so delicious on a 4 mile scorcher. Welp. Not in the cards. I'm locked out and I just need to go. I started my run and got about .4 miles when I found this little gem:

Now, it's just a dime. Part of a soda fee. The tiniest of all the money. BUT - to my best friend it means so much more. It means strength, laughter, drive, and Nudge. Nudge is her mom, she passed away a few years ago and was known for her ability to find or leave a dime. Megan has found dimes in some great places, always just when she needed to find strength that her mom always gave her. One time it was in the laundry as she was folding it and another time in her running shoe!

Finding a dime to me makes me think of Megan, my running supports, Nudge, and "you can f*cking do this!" I've found them next to a treadmill that I almost quit on, bottom of toy bins when the kids are out of control, next to my parked car after a long's great. Such a good reminder of such a wonderful woman.

Well, I picked up that dime and held it for 3.5 miles in my sweaty hand. I did my run on the road and some trail in the shade. I saw many people out, which makes me feel safe. I saw a deer - could have reached out and touched it....but I've seen "When Animals Attack" and I'm not trying to have that run recreated by some actress  because I'm disfigured in the ICU. So I walked slowly/quickly away from it. All in all a pretty good run.

Then the thirst hit me. It was SO.HOT. I had NO.WATER. Ugh. I ran past a lemonade stand. Pink Lemonade. I almost knocked the kid over to get a cup. It was 25 cents. I told him "All I have is this dime I found on my run". I almost passed up the lemonade because I didn't want to give up my dime - but its was PINK lemonade. So, we made a deal. I got a half cup of lemonade for 10 cents. What a great kid!

I had .5 miles left to go. I had tears in my eyes and goosebumps. I thanked Nudge for the dime so I could get a little lemonade and I finished up. Of course I cried telling my husband the story and haven't been able to bring myself to tell Megan yet without crying. She's even more of a crier than I am!

Anything you find when the going gets tough that just brightens you up?