Friday, June 3, 2011

Track workout and race prep

Yesterday I swam and did a little track workout. Just gearing up for the 1/2 Marathon tomorrow. This morning I did an easy jog in the neighborhood - gotta stay warm and loose.

Track workouts are hard. There is no easy way out. I lucked out and got to the track in between high school cross country/track and girls soccer. I am really not thrilled with running in front of high schoolers, especially those that could run circles around me.

My new Nike socks. So comfy! Who doesn't love airholes?

Track workout. Can't remember unless it's on my hand.

Empty track!

Done and Done!
I came home and Sam made a yummy turkey salad. Hit the spot!

This morning I went for a short run. I tried out my outfit for the 1/2 - gotta make sure I don't rub anywhere. 13.1 miles is a long way to run if you are not comfortable. Sam just got me this skirt. It's AWESOME! The shorts under it are compression - which I heart alot. The top is a run singlet, I feel my tummy may be too jiggly to really wear this - but I'll deal.

Ready to rock!

That's a butt pocket for my Ipod

Headphones go threw a small hole and right up to my ears!