Friday, October 21, 2011

What didn't I win last night? Let me tell you ALLLLLL about it....

Last night was Ladie's Night at Potomac River Runners. These are my favorite! There is always food, wine, freebies and raffles. I love a good raffle. I also had $50 in gift cards from the Reston Tri. Needless to say, I walked in like I owned the place.

My mom came with me and we walked around, looked at stuff, had a drink, and hit the clearance rack. Around 8:30 they started the drawings. The first few things to go were jackets and some other stuff I didn't hear. I was really there for the free shoes. Last year at this same Ladies Night I won a pair of Brooks shoes. That was pretty great. They announced they had 2 more drawings - for the shoes. The next name they called was my mom! Yeah mom!!! She was funny. The next name they called was not there, same with the next. Then. They called MY name! What!!!??? We both won running shoes! Wahooooo!

me, the Brooks guy, and mom
So what did I walk out with? Thanks for asking....

I bought shoes, then won a pair. Shoes for a year!

Freebie Luna Bars

Skirt to wear over Tri shorts or spandex

Free shoes!
Also - got something for the kids. I didn't even know they made these anymore!!!

Slap Bracelets!!! Pretty great, right?