Wednesday, March 14, 2012

St. Lucia - honeymoon take 2!

My sister planned a destination wedding to St. Lucia that we just got back from. It was AMAZING!

Day 1: Started early. Early like 3:30am early. We all (mom, brother, his wife, sam, me) met at our house to go to the airport together. There was a lot of excitement, but not too much talking - sleepy people. We flew to Miami and had a layover where we got breakfast and walked around. The Miami airport is HUGE. Back on a plane to fly 3 1/2 hours to St. Lucia. We watched the movie The Big Year (Owen Wilson, Jack Black) - funny, but only watched it because it was on.

Then we landed.

Local beer. Pretty delish

Leaving the airport

Typical house in the village
Rum punches everywhere

Our balcony at the Windjammer Landing

Hills were crazy!

More Rum Punch!

Day 2: We went on a Sugar to Rum Tour. We went to a sugar plantation and learned all about the history of it and how they made the sugar. It was beautiful. Then we learned about a bunch of different rums. The tour leaders said "Ok. Have at it!". So we did.
Coco beans and Cashew nut

The row of Rum we tried. Yum!
We also went into the city. We got food, gifts, and did everything local.

My city friends

Day 3: All day tour. We went on a boat around the island, went to a coco plantation, botanical gardens, saw the volcano, and got in the mineral baths. Long day, totally awesome.

polishing the coco nut

Local food. Fried bananas, jerk chicken, salad, fried fish

mineral baths from the volcano
Day 4: The wedding day. We went to Joan's resort (Sandals) and did the all-inclusive thing. Lots of fun.
Getting ready

Day 5: Para sailing, snorkeling, swimming, eating, drinking.....a lazy day :)

Day 6: Go home day :( We didn't have to leave until 11, which was great. We got a last day tour through some villages and ended at the airport. Flight back was easy peasy and we landed in Va at 12:30am. Long day. Long trip. Totally worth it.