Thursday, March 29, 2012

A week in the life....

 A full time working mother of two (sometimes 3 - sorry Sam). I have a small amount of time to get shit done:

Sunday: 8 mile run, Easter Egg hunt in neighborhood, Sam takes boys bowling. Then this happened:

Mason dropped a 15 pound bowling ball on his toe. He said he will never bowl again. :( Good thing I got so much done already. Spent the rest of the day snuggling my poor guy.

Monday: Full day of work and meetings with Mason at my side. Come home to give 2 hours of private therapy. Run 2.5 miles and do 30 minutes of yoga. Sam biked while I played with kids. Sam cooked this for dinner:

It was delicious. I'm pretty lucky that he is such a good cook.

Tuesday:  Work a full day. Pick up Sammy's Kindergarten packet. Come home and bike while the boys play outside. Sam cooked this for dinner:

Wednesday: Work a full day. Do a quick jog. Pick up the boys and find that Mason's toe is leaking. Neighbor cleaned it for me. Called the Dr's office to make an appointment at 4:15. They had a 4:30 opening! I picked up Mason and flew to the car. We were x-rayed, seen by the Dr. and out the door by 4:50. It was great! No break, no infection. Just keep an eye on it. Went to in-laws for dinner.

Thursday: Busy day at work. Spring Break starts tomorrow afternoon - crazy buzz at school when that happens. I'm thinking tons about our race on Sunday. Cherry Blossom 10 miler. I have the boys sleeping at Grandma's for the race and packet pickup will be Saturday morning.

Friday: I cannot predict the future (Sam thinks he can) but I do know what my day will look like tomorrow. Why? I'm a clipboard. That's what we do. I'll work. Give 2 hours of therapy. Play with the boys. Head out to a jewelry party.

Something great that happened today? My picture is featured on one of my favorite blogs!

Happy almost Spring Break! I'll be back with a Cherry Blossom report Monday.

Double thumbs up

Double "thumbs" up