Monday, September 8, 2014

Man Crush Monday #MCM

My man crush: Sam. I don't know where I would be without him. He is my rock. My bestie. My Chef. I would starve to DEATH without him. He makes me laugh - even when I don't want to. He is the first one to tell me if I should change my outfit, if I need to brush my hair.......he has been with me through some serious haircuts, colors, and changes. Everything I do is made possible by Sam. If I'm scared to try something he tells me I NEED to do it. Ever wonder where my awesome workout attire comes from? Sam ok's each purchase because he knows it makes me happy. He will give you the shirt off his back and then make you laugh so hard you might need to change your under-roo's.

This guy......I smile just thinking about him. 

Power lifting meet we did together

Just being awesome

Most handsome wedding date

My first 1/2 marathon - calmed me the fuck down

My favorite person at a race finish line!

Yep. He agreed to wear that shirt. What a guy

Went all in for my White Trash Bash

Finish line moment at Marine Corp Marathon

Marine Corp Marathon. This chokes me up everytime

Richmond 10k - Sam's first

I NEEDED a 16 candles moment. Sam was more than happy to help

Our Triathlon days

Killin the bike on his 70.3

Sam's first Triathlon

Sam double backed to get me, encourage me, and finish with me. I sobbed. Duh

He always make anniversary night Epic

He has a great Blue Steel

Sam worked hard and got fit so he could be the best dad

He agreed to do a 1/2 marathon with me. He ditched me at a porta potty for the win - but it was fun

Another Epic anniversary

When you are sad, Sam is sad. When you are mad, Sam is mad right there with you

Have you snuggled Sam? It's a bucket list event. So good at it!

Best. Day. Ever.

You want to look silly? Sam will still hold your hand

I love to be able to cheer for him - He cheers for me every day

Sweaty Snuggle

Slightly camera shy - wait. Nope. More blue steel

Always makes me laugh. Always

You want a cupcake? Sam will bring you 6. 

Always in on the fun - right up the tree with Mason

How do you NOT take this moment?

No words. Simply the best dad ever.