Monday, September 22, 2014


That's right, I said it. Snack Time! I love food. I love to eat. I love to talk about food. Mmmmmmmmm......

I'm working hard on learning what a cheat meal really is. This is NOT a cheat meal for me

I do not workout full time - wouldn't that be cool? Cheat meals for me are really like cheat snacks. I may have a fancy coffee, a pumpkin something (they are ALL good), or a "glass" of wine. So, for my everyday food I'm looking for stuff that tastes good, but also meets my goals of maintaining strength and energy and loosing fat. 

Cheat Snack - but the feeling is spot on

Here are some things I have found that I love to eat during the day, don't feel or taste like diet food, and meet my needs.

Ostrim Sticks. Love them. Love all the flavors. They are such a good purse snack, throw in your bag snack, keep in a desk drawer snack. I have a membership at GNC (I know, FANCY) and I buy them by the box. 

Another good snack is an AMRAP bar. These I eat after a big workout or if I NEED some serious energy. They are delicious. The almond and honey one is my fav. SOOOOOO good. My husband voted that one his fav too. I might have just drooled a little......
Nutrition Facts
Almond and Honey

Not as exciting, but a good standby is my loyal green buddy. I try and eat this guy daily. 

you know where to get this guy

Also - my friend the egg. Loyal. Comes in his own package. Easy traveler. I do love a pickled egg too - my boy @illphill500 makes the best.......

What if you want something crunchy? Glad you asked. I'm obsessed. They are SO good.

I am not a nutritionist. I'm just a chick that has finally found a few snacks that work for what my goals are. Let me know if I'm missing some awesome snacks out there!