Monday, September 29, 2014

The Dirt on Christina "Tina" Birog

I met Tina through my boy Phil (@illphill500). She instantly became another female I could talk to about Crossfit - anytime. She actually encouraged my questions, which was awesome! She is strong, fun, dedicated - but has a life outside of the Box. I decided that you all need to know her too!

Phil (right) friends with Ryan (left) who dates Tina......that's how we met :)

1. When did you start Crossfit and Why?
I started Crossfit in March 2010.  I was complaining to a friend of how bored I was of my routine/vollyball matches and not seeing results and he convinced me to give Crossfit a try.
Tina and the box jump

2. If you were on an island and could only bring three things what would they be?
Ryan. Knife. Net.
3rd place at the Superfit East Coast Championship

3.  What was the last song that played on your Ipod?
Fight Night by Migos... yes, I get hype at work.
Tina flying

 4. You always have a smile on your face, but what movement or lift just frustrates you?
Pistols on my right knee
rope climbing

 5. What is it like to date someone that is also a Crossfitter? How do you two take a break from all the CF/balance your time/not kill each other?
Dating a fellow Crossfitter is amazing!  When Crossfit is both partner's passion, understanding one another is easy.   Your goals are the same, your frustrations are the same - everything becomes easily relateable.  Personally, dating a Crossfitter has helped me become a healthier person... I've dropped a few of bad habits and picked up some good ones along the way.
We spend A LOT of time together (box, home, famly, friends) and we still, surprising enough, haven't killed each other.  Thankfully, we both work different jobs and sometimes train at different boxes so that's our time to be a part.  When we do train in the same space, we're both focused on our work so it's not like we are spending much time together.
Tina and Ryan

6. Favorite date night?
Saturday nights
Superfit Delaware Chest to bar

 7. What did you eat for breakfast today?
1 Egg, 1 Gluten Free Waffle, 4oz 2% Milk
Mid Atlantic Regionals

 8. What do you love to do outside the gym?
Eat :) 

 9.What is your superpower?
I am Dr. Dolittle to my pets... minus the doctor part.  Louis, Duke and I talk to each other and I can carry normal conversations with them.  I know what they're thinking/saying to me.
205# clean and jerk

 10.What was the hardest CF WOD ever?
Open WOD 14.5.  2 crappy movements with a time cap that ends when you're done.  Suck Fest.

 11.What is the one food that you can't say no to, even though you know you shouldn't eat it?
Ice Cream! 

 12.What song best describes you?
Alot of poeple say I'm exactly like my Mom... so definitely Juvenile's She Get It From her Mama.

 13.What was your first competition? How did you feel?

Charlottesville 2012 was my first competition (and individual). I was both excited and nervous but had my coaches and teammates there competing, so it was just like another day at the gym (with a bunch of other people I've never met).   I remember leaving that day thinking "Jenn Jones is amazing" and "holy crap... you have a lot to work on Tina"
Podium time

14.You recently injured your foot, how are you handling your restrictions?
I'm handling it one (training) day at a time.  I can't tell you how much I want to pick up a barbell or run (I hate running).  Thankfully I have a coach (Jacon Tsypkin, TZ Strength) who does all my programming.. so whatever he tells me to do/not to do, I follow.  Or try to follow.
Boo. Not Happy

15. What advice would you give someone starting out in CF now?   If your box offers it, take a Fundamentals/On ramp class first!  More than likely, you will enjoy that and appreciate/understand Crossfit better than if you were to jump straight into a regular class and feel behind.  When you start - take it one day at a time, listen to your coaches instruction, and don't get discouraged if you see other people doing advanced movements you can't do.  Everyone started from the beginning... they just advance differently.  

So that's Tina in 15 easy questions. You are bound to see her - once fully recovered - at any number of Crossfit Competitions in the area. Watch out for her during The Open too!!