Monday, September 15, 2014

Zero Crying

"Zero Crying" - this came along with my programming this week from Coach B. Now, this might seem harsh - but it's sometimes what I need - and he knows that.

Do I wine whine?

Nope. I really don't. I do crossfit, workouts, wods, extra programming because I WANT to. Not because someone is telling me to - I do it for ME. 

Do I cry because I'm sensitive and Coach B or CFA coaches are mean or too critical?

No crying in Crossfit
Nope. I take criticism really well (except from my husband....working on that). I want people to tell me what I'm doing wrong, how to fix it, how to do it better. I want to be the best I can be - can't do that without help and coaching. 

So why the "zero crying" from Coach B? Because I get frustrated. I have really big goals for myself. I have stupid high standards for myself. Sometimes, when I don't hit those goals or reach those standards I get frustrated. What does that look like?

Sometimes it's an ugly cry

Sometimes it's just tears

Sometimes there are no tears. I'm just annoyed.

What happens when there are tears or frustrations? Sam is there to put me back together, talk me through it, show me I'm being silly. He is great at showing me where my thinking went wrong, if I skipped a step in my goals (can't expect to clean 145# in a WOD if that's my 1 RM), or I'm just being stupid. Coach B is there to remind me he would never program something I can't do. I need to take a deep breath. I need to take a break. I need to go into the workout with a positive mindset and realistic goals. 

Now, I don't cry every time I workout. So why the disclaimer this week? This is gut check week. Programming this week is intense. We are getting close to Superfit DC. Crying and being frustrated will not help me complete my goal. Taking it one day at a time. Taking it one workout at a time. Taking a deep breath. 


And remembering Coach B's favorite thing to tell me: It's only a workout.


Have a great week. Work towards your goals. Keep a smile on your face!