Sunday, December 7, 2014


Dramatic? You bet. Did I really quit? Nope. That's exactly how it felt though......ugh. I don't like change. I don't like not doing something I said I would. I just want to follow the plan. Sometimes, things interrupt that plan.

Like injuries.

Saturday I was signed up to compete in my FIRST individual competition. Superfit Rubicon. It was going to be magical. My pull-ups were looking good (stringing 12 together!). My lifts were improving in technique and weight. I wanted it. I was happy. I was determined. I was going to prove how hard I've been working. TO THE WORLD (or anyone awake at 7am in Mclean).

Cue the shoulder. Doc says it's bicep tendinitis. So I've been doing rehab. Nothing over head. Nothing that hurts. Which all hurts my soul.....

Injuries. Not impressed.

Enter the Superfit workouts. I was glued to my computer Thursday. Waiting. Maybe magic will happen and the workouts will only be double unders, box jumps, shoulder needed. No such luck. Each one did play to my strength. I loved them all. This was going to be uh-mazing.........Oh - but my shoulder still hurts. Talked with my husband and Coach Bijan - both said "Nope". Not worth becoming seriously injured. Not worth throwing The Open. Not worth surgery. No sir. 

I just want to lift!!!!!!

Emotional. Yep. Just a bit. I slowly let my support crew know I was not going to be competing. It was hard, but it helped hear their supporting words. My partner in crime, Holly P,  sent me this gem:

My people. My support. Love them

I tried to stay away from #superfitrubicon, but I couldn't. I watched the videos. I scrolled through the pics. I didn't cry. I didn't throw anything (can't. Hurt my shoulder. duh). I put my big girl panties on and did squats, lunges, hollow rocks......stuff I CAN do. That's where my focus needs to be. What CAN I do? Turns out, a lot. So for the near future all my programming will be focused on everything that is not my shoulder. It sucks. It's frustrating. I will come back stronger, tougher, smarter. Believe that.

Believe it
I tend to be dramatic (remember when I quit?..Up top).......this is a time to put things in perspective. My husband helps me do that. My coach helps me do that. My goals are the same, my approach will change. I am on the same journey - just a few more turns. 

That time Miranda broke her neck....

and then
Regionals 2014...then went on to the games!

Instead of competing this weekend I played with my kids (add in 1 cousin), made a gingerbread house, and got our Christmas Tree. 

so much fun!
Tree Time!
My journey is still happening. Life is good. Next weekend is NYC and Afrobrutality. Hell Yeah! The reason for my visit? That is a different post all together :)

sneaky sneaky

Whenever I need a good laugh, a smile, anything to make me feel better I just look at Dawson and Kim. My favorite ugly criers. Your. Welcome.