Sunday, December 28, 2014

I'm not done

Life is not all sunshine and rainbows. I have been dealing with Bicep Tendinitis which struck on Oct 30th. 59 days. 8 and a half weeks, but who's counting....... It sucks. I have NEVER had a real injury before. In all my years of sports I have had some pulled muscles, shin splints - but nothing that has ever had me out. Well, now I am. I am being patient. I am listening to my husband and coach. Did I mention it sucks? I had to pull out of my first individual competition. Boo.

I have shed a few tears, but I really am trying to stay positive and keep working on what I love. Lifting heavy shit, hanging with friends, laughing, and relaxing. Another thing that is helping is social media. How? Glad you asked. Thanks to Facebook, Google, and Instagram I can stalk and keep up with all my #wcw's and what they are up to. Often they talk about PRs, but they are open about their struggles and injuries too.

Tendinitis suffer: Kristin Pope, all around bad ass
Annie: 2x Games champ sidelined with a herniated disk in her back
Hip flexer injury took Camille L-B out of gymnastics. She won the Games this year
Miranda broke her neck in a car accident - she went to The Games on Team Nor-Cal this year
Molly broke her ankle at Regionals this year. Oh, and she besties with Miranda
My point? Obviously this injury will send me to Regionals or The Games (hahahahahhaha). Injuries happen. There are worse injuries out there than what I'm dealing with, I will recover and be just fine. What doesn't kill you......right?

One great part of social media, combined with my amazing ability to stalk, is that most of these athletes blog about their injuries, the recovery, and what they learned from it. Molly wrote about hers here. Miranda wrote about her injury here. Annie talks about hers here

I am running. I am lifting. I am doing TONS of mobility and stretching. I am being patient. Why? Because I'm not done. I love this shit. I am getting ready for Cold War in January (team event) and it's going to be awesome.

I did discover some fun things I can do pain free. I can do strict pull ups. The top one is my first EVER strict pull up. The bottom is my first since taking many many weeks off. I can also snatch (hehehehe) without pain. Yipee!!!!!

Keep moving. Keep inspiring. Keep kicking ass!