Monday, December 15, 2014

NYC: Afrobrutality and Master Chef Junior

This weekend was a blast. We spent it in the car (boo) and in New York City. It took us a forever to get into the city - Friday afternoon traffic was sllllloooooooow. We hit the city around 7:30 and had dinner in Harlem with Syn of Afrobrutality.

Syn of Afrobrutality with Skully the Pit

We ate at Spaha Soul - Syn shut that joint down for our family to eat with him and a few friends. It was great. I had buttermilk fried chicken, collards, and mac n cheese. So yummy! Next time I get the spicy yams.....they looked delish.

Spaha Soul in Harlem - YUM
This dude can cook - Super nice

Who forgets to snap a pic? Me. I time we take pics!

Meeting up with Syn was awesome - but the main event of our NYC trip was so Sammy could audition for Master Chef Junior. He finished his cooking and interview on cloud 9. He cooked an egg, chopped some veggies, and measured water.  He did this all on his own - Sam sat with the other moms (hahahahaha)while Sammy did his thing. I don't care what happens now - he left feeling awesome about himself and had a huge smile all day! If he makes the cut we should hear this week. Fingers crossed!

Sammy went in feeling the love and support from friends, family, and school. His whole class made bracelets and wore them on Friday to support him (tear) - what a great community he has! Thanks guys!

Getting ready
Sam kept me in the loop as we hiked NYC
So beautiful

NYC at Christmas is amazing. So many lights. So many trees. So many people! Where do they all come from? Whew. Busy for sure! We walked a ton, saw lots of sights - including Santacon

So many Santas
Drunk at 9am

We gotta get back up to NYC soon - Syn mentioned an amazing pizza place that we NEED to go to. Girl's gotta eat.

In the mean time, it's cold outside. Get yourself a brutality sweatshirt for all your training and chillin needs.  Maybe "The People's Athlete" will have a shirt........stay tuned :)

I want the green one
Everyone loves a hoodie