Friday, April 12, 2013

Glitch in the Matrix

This week has been a long one. Sunday Mason turned 5! I still can't believe it, both the boys will be in full day elementary school next year. I can hear the savings piling up already. :)

We had cake and ice cream and he got two Leopard Geckos. Pretty sweet day. Then came Monday. Ugh. I made it through the work day, got home, and thought I would die. Got hit hard by the stomach bug. I did not sleep much that night, stayed home Tuesday, ate nothing and slept most of the day. I started feeling a little better Wednesday but was not 100% until this morning. It was awful. No CrossFit, no comfort, no enjoying the beautiful weather....bleh.

I did have a moment where I thought "all my hard work is going to go down the drain". That's how I used to rationalize eating like crap. "I don't feel good" or "I'm stressed" and I'd go to town on something bad for me, feel guilty, and then feel worse. I ate what I could while I was sick. Toast, pizza, banana, peanut butter....I know (gasp!) NOT my typical clean eating. Nothing else was going into my belly though. Those were the only things I could clean went out the window for a hot second. But, you know what? I feel good today and I'm back to eating clean. I'm not going to dwell on a day or two of crap food. Moving on!

My first meal back from the dead? Glad you asked. I requested a spicy burger. Sam delivered.

Bacon, Avocado, Burger, Organic blue cheese, jalapenos

Our box (hehehehehehe) is trying to do a ladies night! Not the horribly painful Lady WODS, but a ladies only workout with some drinks afterwards. I'm stoked. I love stuff like that - and getting to know the ladies that I don't always see at workouts is great. This weather has me excited to workout and get fit. I have a lot of goals swimming around in my brain that I'm hoping to begin to tackle.

I also ordered a bathing suit from Athleta. I love that place. Luckily I had a coupon, because they can be pricey.......for the first time in a long time I am excited about swim suit season! I will be tearing up the waves in this little number.