Tuesday, March 10, 2015

15.2 - Pulling my head out of my ass

So far The Open has not been the beast it was last year - know why? I pulled my head out of my ass.

My motto last year seemed to be: show up scared, mentally screw yourself, don't trust the amount of work you've done........it sucked. It wasn't fun. I was nervous the whole week and then choked on the workout. That meant that I did each workout twice. Except 14.5. That one sucked and no one did it twice. NO ONE.

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I promise I was ready......

Fast forward 52 weeks. 52 weeks of hard training. Lifting. PRs. Skill work. Three competitions. Fails. Misses. Injury. Time off. I am in a better place. I am stronger mentally and physically. I no longer doubt myself - well, as much.

The Open this time around is fun. I am smiling. I am not freaking out for days. I am not re-doing workouts. That's actually one of my goals. Finish each workout with no regrets. Go into each workout with the "this is it" mindset. Why do I need to re-do anything? Would I love to get to Regionals? Yes. Am I there? Nope.

This one and done commitment is very NorCal (so obvi I'm on board)- they are doing the same thing. Their reasoning is that at Regionals you get one shot. That's it. No do-overs.

Crossfit Miranda - swoon

Team NorCal

15.2 was a repeat of 14.2 from last year. I had done it 3 times - this would make 4. Ugh. Kinda lame, but as a friend pointed out I have done this. No need to be nervous. No need to stress. I got this.

I went into the workout with 1 goal. Do better than last time. That was my sole focus. No rest - I mean, this is a 6 minute MAYBE 9 minute workout for me. Sprint. Go. Do. Move.

I started with quick over head squats and did my chest to bar pull ups quick. I cannot string them together, but found a box that allowed me to have my feet on it and not take my hands off the bar. So I did a C2B pull up, put my feet down and DID NOT take my hands off the bar. I'm not sure how much time it saved me - but mentally it kept me moving. I ended up doing better! Wahoo!!!!! I went from  77 reps to 84 reps. I'll take it! I was 4 reps from making the next round. SO CLOSE!!!! I was super happy. These 84 reps gave me my highest finish yet in The Open on an individual workout. Smiles for days.

 I love to compete. I love to see my mental progress as well as the physical. I have so much fun pushing myself, being with friends, and finding out I can do new things.

Bring on 15.3. I'm ready

Beyond the white board has me in the 80th percentile. I'll take it!

This is the 10am Crossfit Annandale class knocking out 15.2

Heat 3 crushing 15.2. I was in Heat 1. One of these days I will figure out the GoPro. Step 1 is remembering to turn it on!