Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Manic Monday 3/23/15

Woke up with a head cold/allergy thing. Great. Moving through the morning a little slow. Made it through the work day and then got my hair did. LOVE when I get a trim and some color....feels like SPRING! Got the kids from school and then took them to Nana and PopPop's house for dinner while Sam and I work out. That's our Monday routine, the boys go to my In Laws. They help cook dinner, they hang out, they play outside......it's great and I love that they have that time with them. We come back from the workout and all eat dinner together. Perfect.

I even got a visit from my favorite 5 week old!

Breakfast: 2eggs, 3 sausages, mint tea - everyday. It's easy, yummy, and quick!
Snack: Ostrim Stick: pepper flavor
Lunch: chicken salad (homemade) with craisins, walnuts, celery
Snack: Barbacoa beef (homemade) with sour cream and tomatoes. Really wanted Guac.....but container was busted and it went bad!!!
Dinner: Hard boiled eggs, swiss cheese, salami, and broccoli

Monday WOD:

Thruster 3RM *from racks
my last 3rm was 123#. I hit 115# easy and went for 130#. I only got 1....but that's a new 1RM!

Image result for thruster
I'm sure I looked just like this

12 Thrusters (75/55)
12 Box Jumps(24/20)
12 Pistols (6l/6r)
3 rounds plus 16 RX

Again, I looked JUST like this

Afterwards I went on a 13 minute jog with my partner in crime Holly.

Every. Single. Time.