Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wednesday - Woot Woot! 3/25

My Day
Today I got to go into Mason's school for his Patriot play today and I didn't wake up too sore. Win win! One of my big goals for the day is to not stress about maxing out my front squat. It's just another lift, another day, another movement that I can do. I know I'm stronger than the last time I did it, so that's that. I WILL be fine. Got a sitter for the last Open workout 15.5. I don't like bringing the boys if there are barbell movements that they could get in the way of. They like going to cheer, play in the giant tire, and see people.....just not always safe. Did the workout at home today, still a little sore from earlier this week. I did not stress about the front squat, almost to a fault. I just didn't have my head in it. Probably should not have done it, but I did. Fail video is on Instagram @alhardman No shame in posting fails, that's how we learn. Gonna focus on lighter weights and building my front squat confidence. That's a thing. Front. Squat. Confidence.

Boys actually got a bath tonight too! I'm the best mom around!

My Food
Breakfast: 2 eggs, Lite Latte from Dunkin - oh, and  Cronut #treatyoself
Snack: Ostrim stick, tons of water
Lunch: 3 patty burger from Elevation Burger. No bun. Duh
Dinner: trying to figure out what I want....meat and veggies


1 rep max front squat (previous is 175#)
failed at 180# rough stuff

ring dips - banded
deadlifts (125#)
Lateral Barbell Burpees
pushed hard for 8:30

Did a 1K sprint row and PR'd by 26 seconds! 4:14. Whahoooooo

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