Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hoping for snow......

This week has started off great! There is snow in the forecast for tonight (snow day!!!), I wore a pair of pants yesterday that used to be too tight (!) AND I found a dollard in the pocket! I lost my camera, found it, I lost my watch, found it, AND lost my keys, found them!

We got a new family dinning table that fits our kitchen! First family meal all at the same place.

A bag of the Chai Seeds I won from trimommylife

My breakfast this morning. YUM. Peanut butter made it in the smoothie, but not the picture.

Thanks to the freezing weather I have been able to wear my Fexy sleeves on outdoor runs.

So, I'm praying for snow. I'll take a 2 hour delay, whole day off....anything! This has been such a good week so far - let's keep it going!