Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wait....the 2011 training season started? Without me? Ugh!

Yep. That's right. My first 2011 race, Nations 1/2 Mary, is in 9 weeks and 3 days. Deep breath. No stress. Just look forward.......Ummmmmmm, I should probably start running more? I've been doing strength and biking, so I've got some good stuff going on there. Sunday I am swimming with Sam and our Tri Coach. And I should be getting my training plan from him this week.

Last night we did our first trainer ride in the living room. It was pretty fun. We watched the biggest looser - can't slack off!
The trainers all set up and ready to go!

We did have a face to face meeting with our new coach. We talked about the race season, goals, what we've done in the was great. He actually gave me the green light for Beach to Battleship 70.3 and asked Sam "why aren't you doing it?" Sam basically said - if you think I can be ready, I'll do it. So, Sam and I will be doing our first 1/2 Ironman distance together in Oct! Yeah!!!! I've staked out hotels, got the grandparents on board. It will be great!

Meeting with our coach. Sammy took this one.

Why do I do all this? For me, for my family, for my husaband, for my kids (the clown and the monkey). 

The clown and the monkey. That's how we went to daycare today

Now, I am bummed out that the running certification class I wanted to sign up for in April is SOLD OUT! Ugh! I will just have to keep looking. Grrrrrrr