Monday, January 24, 2011

First week with a tri coach.....I'm still alive!

I survived my first week with Coach R. It was not nearly as crazy/scary as I thought. He eased us in nicely - although I think it's going to get busy pretty fast. Here's how the week went:

Monday: Treadmill run 3 miles and I added in some crazy dance moves

Tuesday: Bike trainer for 30:00 and Strength with Jillian 30 day shred (got my heart rate monitor!)

Wednesday: Yoga P90X

Thursday: Bike Trainer 1 hour

Friday: Run outside 4 miles

Lots of clothes for cold weather wimps

Saturday: 9 miles on the treadmill and Team Fexy Winter Party!

Sunday: Bike Trainer 1:30 (whew!) and Swim 1150 meters with Coach R at the pool

Probably exactly how perfect my form looked at the workout :)
This past week was great. I feel stronger. I'm not so nervous about my first 1/2 mary in March. The holiday party was great, we got to hang out and talk with lots of triathletes and their spouses/partners/friends. We ordered some Fexy gear (visors, tri tops, and shorts for Sam).

Sam is feeling great about his running. He's up to 2 miles without walking, which is the most he's run in 13 years! He's kicking butt on the trainer rides too. We scored a babysitter for some of the saturday rides! Coach R has 2 daughters that said they will watch the boys. Whew! That takes some pressure off.

I'm also back on a preschool kick for the boys. Sammy is 4 going on 13 and Mason is close behind him. He missed the kindergarten cutoff by a few months, so he needs one more year before school. There is a preschool right by my school that I'm excited about, so we will tour it soon. I have to get the courage to tell daycare - last time I mentioned preschool they cried. Ugh, being a mom is so hard! I hate making decisions.

Here's to hoping I survive this week! I have two workouts tomorrow - might be a 5am gym start.