Thursday, January 20, 2011

Training I come!

 I got this pic off a friends Face Book page. She took the picture at a Marathon in Ireland (while on her honeymoon). I just love it.

I got my first set of trainer workouts today from our coach. Sam and I will be getting them via Training Peaks. So far it's pretty cool! We have a 65 minute training ride this evening to do. Not too bad. We park the trainers in front of the tv and peddle away while the boys are sleeping.
I've been having slight panics the last two days. Typically "what am i doing?" " do i have time for this?" "am i crazy?" Nothing I haven't thought of before, but I need race season to get underway - with a race. I need to remember how addicted I get once I start and calm down. I did the same thing when I signed up for Marine Corp: "Can I really do this?"

Well, I'm going to HTFU, follow the plan, and KNOW that I can do this season.

I can do this with a husband, 2 small kids, a full time job and my sanity.