Monday, February 7, 2011

Another week done!

Phew! I made it through another week of training. This week was a crazy one - I guess when you have a 2 1/2 and 4 year old most weeks are crazy.

The Plan:

Monday: Core/Strength
Tuesday: Run 5 miles/ Bike 65 minutes
Wednesday: Tempo Run
Thursday: Bike 65 min
Friday: Run 5 miles
Saturday: 2 hour ride
Sunday: Swim 1200/ Run tempo (8ish miles)

What really happened:

Monday: Day off. Some core work
Tuesday: 5 miles 57:09 outside in a hilly neighborhood/ 65 min bike ride
Wednesday: Day off. Sammy home sick - up late at ER night before
Thursday: Tried to get tempo run in, tummy issues/ bike ride 65 min
Friday: 4.02 miles 47:09 (ran out of time to get the boys)
Saturday: Group Fexy ride. Legs felt like jello after 2:15 of riding
Sunday: Mason sick - no swim today/ Tempo Run 8.2 miles. NAILED IT! outside in the hilly neighborhood

Pretty good week. Family stuff came up, but I followed the plan and felt good about it. Nothing that I couldn't handle or put off until the next day. I'm getting much better about being flexible and not freaking out about change. Boy, do I hate change!

Building my breakfast of Steel cut oats, coconut, cherries, and banana! Yum!

My new inspirational poster. Hopefully I will keep adding to it.

My new obsession. Want to try the coconut milk too.