Monday, February 28, 2011

Nailed It!

Hitting the reset button was a success! I had an awesome weekend of workouts. Nothing was just checked off, it was all done with a purpose - to get faster, stronger, better. Here's what I rocked:

Saturday Morning: Got a babysitter and Sam and I headed to our team ride. 2 hours and 15 minutes. I figured that was going to do a number on the lady parts so I made sure I had some chamois butter and got to it. We did hill climbs today. It was painful. It was hard. My quads were on fire. I was actually afraid to get off the bike because I didn't know if I could walk. I went hard. The hardest I've pushed in a ride so far. I didn't hold back because "I have 2 hours more to do". I just stayed in the moment and pushed. Coach Rob was not there, and I wanted to make sure if anyone reported back they would be able to say "Ann and Sam brought it today".

Saturday Afternoon: We were so beat from the ride, but wanted to get our swim in to. It's about a 35 minute workout. Not too hard and we figured it would feel great on our legs. We couldn't find a sitter right away so I went first and Sam stayed with the boys. I don't normally feel a difference between the warm up and the main set with the swim. I did! Yeah me! I even did flip turns - I know, I know...pretty bad ass :)

The rest of the day was playing with the boys, stretching, laying around, and watching some TV. Pretty nice day.

Sunday Morning: My brother and his fiance came and watched the boys so Sam and I could do a team run. They were meeting at Burke Lake at 9am to run. I needed to do a tempo run, Sam needed to do 4 miles, and most of the rest of the team was doing at least 18 miles. Yeah. That's right. 18 miles. Speedy people that run an easy pace at 9:07. That's faster than my race pace! It was a little chilly to start, but warmed up. It was a great run. My legs burned and I was tired, but I got it done and my race pace was pretty steady around 9:30. I like that. Especially for a trail run, the day after a bike and swim.

Let me tell you about Sam. He has never run burke lake. He hasn't run more than 3 miles before. He rocked it! He finished the loop (4.5 miles) with just a tiny walk. His legs were tired, but he got through the mental toughness of the distance increase. Sometimes it's just plain scary to increase mileage.

Coach Rob was there. We saw the group a few times - in between their loops of death - most of them ran a 9:ish pace and Coach Rob said he did 19 miles. Ugh. That's alot. I ended with 7.22 miles and Sam had his amazing 4.5! What a great day.

Sam hung with the boys for the afternoon and I went with Alyson to Uno's for a Brain Tumor Fundraiser. It was great girl time and we took our time to catch up and relax. Today is my day off and I have really EARNED it. It's supposed to be in the 70's today too!