Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What hasn't happened this week?

Let's start with the good. I completed another crazy week of Tri training by Coach R. Whew! On paper it looks terrifying:

Monday: Strength
Tuesday: Run 5 miles/ 1 hour on the bike trainer
Wednesday: Run 9 miles (treadmill - gross)
Thursday: 1 hour on the bike trainer
Friday: 5 miles
Saturday: 1 1/2 hour group bike trainer ride
Sunday: 1 hour swim workout/ run 12 miles EZ (got to do this one outside!)

I did the whole thing. Woot woot! I really didn't know if I would be able to. But, apparently my coach knows what he's doing.

Sam is up to running 2 1/2 miles straight - which is HUGE! He's also running at a 9:30 pace, which is my race pace. So naturally I'm jealous and pissed :)

My mom found out she does NOT have breast cancer! She had a scare last week and found out Monday that she does not have it, just a cyst. We brought her flowers, wine, and chocolates. Pretty nice celebration.

Now for the "bad". My 4 year old woke up at 11 pm last night and couldn't breathe! We were terrified. He was puffy, could hardly talk, and was barely breathing. We called 911 - they got here so fast! My husband went with him to the hospital where he got a breathing treatment. They diagnosed him with croup - weird he didn't have ANY symptoms other than a restricted airway.

It was pretty terrifying. I feel hungover from lack of sleep and stress today. We are laying on the couch watching movies. He's doing better and just ate his weight in tater tots. Of course, Mason (2 years old) slept through the whole thing! He woke up this morning with no clue what went on.

 Why can't I get these photos to turn? Grrrr!!!!
wearing my new Nathan hydration pack before 12 mile run

Shirt and Medal from Pacers
EVERYONE can see me in this shirt! 9 miles on the dreadmill