Monday, February 21, 2011

Britney, The Biebs, Eminem, Dr. Dre

This last week was a crazy one. We drove to Alabama Friday at 5pm for Sam's grandpas funeral. He was super old, had a few strokes - we saw it coming. We went to see family, support his parents, and say goodbye to Pappy. Sam got us there in 19 1/2 hours.....straight! He did this with the help of 2 red bulls, coffee with a shot of caffiene (warning: no more than 2 in a day), Mt. Dew, Coke, and 3 5 hour energy shots.

We got there Saturday at 11:30am, stopped for lunch at Sonic (yum) and went to his uncle's house. Pop Pop took the boys to the park (they were rested since the slept the WHOLE NIGHT) and we napped. The weekend was beautiful. It was great to see family.
Mason's hotdog from Sonic....HUGE
 I'm not going to lie. I got a chillie cheese dog, tater tots, and a Cherry Limeade. Yum. I did feel sick after I ate it, but totally worth it at first. Mason did not finish that hotdog, I mean look at it. HUGE. I think he laughed more than ate.

The cousins!

My view for an 8 mile run

Mason was SOOOOO tired

At Bass Pro Shop. TONS of animals...they thought it was the zoo

The boys had so much fun with all their cousins. They hadn't met before so it was tons of excitement. We played as much as we could since we were only there a few days.

So, no hills in Fair Hope Alabama. None. Not even many turns. I didn't have an ipod, Garmin (WHAT!?), watch - nothing. I just ran. I started and just went. I kept thinking I'll turn around at the next hill - doesn't exists. I'll turn around at the next fork in the road - nope.....just kept going. I ended up doing 8.3. Felt UH-MAZING. I saw many runners, walkers, and a few Tri Bikers.

Mason was super worn out. He slept on the couch for a long time. He ended up getting a stomach bug and throwing up the first day we drove home (took 2 days). That was great. Puke. Car. Car seat. Yuck. They were good, but you can only drive so long on red alert. We stopped in a hotel and stayed the night. Mason woke up a new man. We made it home and Mason walked in and threw up. Yuck. But we were home!

The rest of the week flew by (thursday and friday). Emotionally and physically I was just drained. I did a 4.5 mile run on Friday (supposed to be 5 miles), Saturday I was supposed to do 14 miles. That didn't happen.

I wanted to check 14 miles off the plan, but mentally I did not want to do it. I was tired but knew I needed to get back into it. My mom came to watch the boys and out I went.

I was pretty bitter during the run. I had water and tunes. I just downloaded Glee (Bieber) and Dr Dre/Eminem's new song (LOVE IT!). I wanted to stop at 5 miles, I kept going. I hated every hill, I forgot my chapstick, the wind was unbelievable! and I hated the number 14. I just had to get to 7 miles, then I could turn around. Easy Peasy. Nope. At 5.25 I turned around. I couldn't run into the wind anymore. At one point I actually walked and when I couldn't walk against it I just turned around and ran the other way. Kinda silly. Stupid wind.

I got back to my street. I had 1.2 miles left. I can do that. I was going to run the loop around my house that is just about 1.2 miles. Nope. A neighbor stopped me that I needed to talk to and that was that. 12.78 miles. Not bad - but not what I wanted. grrrrrr. My legs and back are still sore from fighting the wing.

Yesterday I swam. It was great. I don't feel fast yet, but I do feel strong and "pretty". I swam 1250 - all freestyle. I even did my last 200 straight, instead of 100/rest/100. I liked that. What I didn't like was the rudiculousness in the locker room. This lady was having a chit chat totally naked. I mean....totally. Of course, she was using the locker RIGHT.NEXT. to mine. ugh. She was lotioning, talking, brushing her hair. Do you really need to do all that naked? When I heard her say "yogurt just doesn't agree with me" I had to leave. I showered - forgot shampoo, conditioner, and soap! - and got dressed.

What a week! I took the boys to see MegaMind. It was hilarious. We had a great day and now it's a new week. I'm pretty sore, really tired....and doing it all again.