Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I do not. I am a runner.

This is my mantra. I wrote it on a card and put it in my wallet. EVERY time I open my wallet I see it. I say it to myself on hard runs, and very exciting runs, and when the weather sucks and I'm outside anyways. My run yesterday was my first run outside on the road in 2 weeks. It was hard. I truly wanted to be out there pounding the pavement. I had the drive, but physically it was tough.

My pollen cough is better, almost gone. Each cough I think - that could be it! The last cough! Well, not yet, but it's coming I can tell. The weather yesterday was beautiful. Could not ask for better running weather.

I got home from work and told Sam "I need to run". He kicked me to the street and said "get it done". Thanks Sam! I ran. No plan. No music. Just me and the Garmin. I ran through the neighborhood and thought, watched, and enjoyed.

My legs were tired, I got a cramp in my right side, and I was tired. I did 3.55 miles. I did them easy. I did them with purpose. I did them because I wanted to. I should have done more - but it's only Monday. I have all week.

I did it becuase:
I do not run. I am a runner.