Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

I've been trying to dress more fashionable and fun since loosing weight and toning up. Gotta show off the slimmer me. I still have some "fat kid" issues and don't always think I should wear anything but workout clothes. I'm working on it, getting there, studying the latest trends.

I have a few friends helping me out. Megan, from Events in the City DC, has been helping me a TON. She's my real life bff and Sole Sister (running buddy extraordinaire).

Also helping me out is Carly, Thirty Something Fashion, I love her blog alot! We went to the same high school - always fun to follow a blog of someone I actually know. I feel less stalker-ish that way. :) I just won a dress on her blog! I could not be more excited!!!!! Here's the dress I won:

I love the comfy workout clothes - they make me feel ready to workout at any minute. Sometimes I come home from work and change immediately so I have no excuse to just lay around and do nothing. I have been updating my workout wardrobe too. More fitted shirts, running skirts, matching all counts right?

So far my Paleo meals have been going great! Last night I made Chicken Piccata all by myself! My husband, Chef Sam, is in it was a big deal for me to make it and not screw it up. For breakfast I made Egg Houses. Let me tell you.......delicious! You hollow out a tomato, crack an egg into it, back it at 425 for 25 minutes and top with some bacon crumbles and salt and pepper. OMG! It was SOOOOOOO good! Took a little time, might be more of a weekend breakfast, but so worth it!

Workouts are on track for the week. It's Wednesday, Monday was my day off, and I did my bike workout yesterday. :) Totally on track! My trainer ride was a ladder workout. It was hard work, but in a good way. I think it might be my favorite workout. Thanks Coach Rob!

I have a 1/2 marathon coming up and need some participant goody bag ideas. Any thoughts???