Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wine, 12 Miles, Garage Sale, and a Baby Shower

What a weekend! It all started on Friday.....

Sam and I asked his parents to come over to talk about Sam's trip to CA. He won a Medifast contest (10 winners nationwide) for weight loss. He lost 85 pounds on the program and completely changed his life. He went from sleep apnea and terrible self esteem to Triathlete. It's amazing. I'm so proud! He went to LA and got some pampering, shopping, and a photo shoot. He also made a ton of new friends - friends that went through what he did. He got back to Va totally inspired and took a training to become a health coach. He is super inspired to help others change their lives too.

While Sam was talking the four of us managed to finish 4 bottles of wine. Ugh. When my alarm went off at 6am on Saturday I had no idea how I got to bed let alone why my alarm was going off. Oh yeah. Running.

I got up. Got ready. Left the house. I was meeting Meg to run 12 miles. Our 1/2 marathon is in two weeks and we need our long. This is also our girl time, no kid time, no husband time, and fun time. I did text her to tell her I might be a mess (I pictured puke and walking). We got started on the trail and started talking.

We went out 6 miles and then turned around and headed back to our cars. There were TONS of runners, walkers, and bikers out. It was a beautiful day. My hangover checked out and I didn't think about it once. We talked the entire run except the last mile. We got "serious" and just got it done. We ended with a negative split, no walking, and two happy girls!

Sunday morning we joined out neighbors yard sale. We added a few kid things, a set of dishes, and a ton of Southern Living things that we have NEVER used (but I HAD to have). We made $28. Not too shabby. The score of the day was when a neighbor gave us 2 bottles of wine for a kids toy. I was pretty impressed with that trade!

Saturday afternoon also included a swim and a baby shower for a friend. It was at a fancy restaurant and so much fun. Great food and good friends.

I managed to stay pretty Paleo through the weekend. I swam and ran. I played with my kids and watched a movie with my husband. What a nice little weekend.