Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Diet through the years....

I know, it's been a while since I posted. Gotta get back into it!

Over the years, since I graduated from college, I've tried a million different "diets".

In grad school it was Slim Fast. Ugh. Not sure why I thought that would work at all. It didn't. It didn't even last that long and was SOOOO pricey.

When I got into the work world it was "bring a salad for lunch". I'm not sure on what planet I thought a lonely little salad would give me the energy to get through an 8 hour workday with elementary school kids, but I thought it was healthy.

Then I got pregnant. Oops. No more diet, right? I can eat whatever I want?! Sign me up! I signed up and gained 60 pounds. Awesome.

I had Sammy and tried some meal replacement shakes, Shaklee Cinch. I had good success and felt healthy and energized. I really liked the program. Hit pre-baby weight and OOOOOPS - pregnant again!

Once again - gained a crap ton of weight. Ugh.

The day I got home from the hospital I started Shaklee Cinch again. I started going to the gym, just walking, and watching what I ate. I also was chasing around a 15 month old and nursing. Whew! I ended up winning a Shaklee Cinch Success story! That was awesome, motivating, and had a $500 payout! Weeeeee!

I signed up for a 5K and have never looked back.

I am currently eating Paleo. I'm loving it. I've been pretty hardcore about it for the last week (although, I refuse to give up alcohol :) ). A friend at work is helping to guide me through it and answering my questions. It's great to have here there at work and socially so I have some pressure to be honest with my eating. I even got a Paleo cookbook. I can't wait to try the recipes!

What all have you tried to loose weight? Any favorite Paleo recipes I should try?