Sunday, December 23, 2012

Balls and Burpees

Week 2 of Crossfit is done! I've completed a total of 7 WOD's and could not be more addicted or sore.

This week I have learned that if I drop anything it's going to stay there a while (quads are SORE), Mason will only get in the top bunk by ladder as my shoulders do not have the ability to lift him up there, and I'm tougher than I thought. That last one really puts a smile on my face.

What's got me sore this week? Burpees and Wall Balls

Burpees. Where do I even start? The Saturday WOD had me do 50, split up anyway I needed to. I started with sets of 10 and the last two sets were sets of 5. I have found with Burpees you just have to keep going. If I pause on the ground or once I'm on my feet my brain might not let me keep going. They are the devil.

 Wall balls. Ugh, they look innocent, but they SUCK. One exercise that can actually make you sore from head to toe. First time doing them Saturday, had to do 75. 75!

From Google search. Pretty sure a pic of me doing them would not be very beautiful

Found this in my Google searching this am - pretty hilarious

Today is a rest day, baking day, cleaning day, organizing day - Wait, did I start by saying "Rest day"? It's funny when you become a mom, work full time, and work out regularly how much your definition of "Rest day" changes. Before kids my rest day was on the couch and watching a Lord of the Rings marathon. That feels like a long time ago.

Have a wonderful holiday!