Monday, December 17, 2012

Strong is the New Skinny

 Who wants to get me this????????

Week 1 of Crossfit. Whew! Who knew? It's HARD!!!!!!!!!! I did my intro WOD last Saturday, then WODs on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. They were all tough, very different, and awesome. I'm totally hooked. I'm also totally sore. Sam and I even came up with the Crossfit hug (patent pending). You just stand tummy to tummy because your arms don't work.

I overcame some fears through my first week of Crossfit. First, I went to Crossfit without Sam (I still had a friend meet me, I'm not that brave). I have a tendency to let Sam break the ice for me with new people. Of course, then I sweep in with hilarious comments. Second, I did my first WOD without puking. I'm terrified of puking. I'm thrown up a total of 5 times since I was a kid. No joke. I hate it. So puking during a workout, in a gym, in front of strangers? Nope. Not this girl. Third, I did wall walks. Push up position, feet walk up the wall, and the idea is to eventually get so close you can kiss the wall. No make out sessions for me....yet. I'll slip that wall the tongue soon enough - wont even know what hit em!

This week we are eating Paleo for dinner each night. Getting used to Paleo now and so far so good. I've cheated a few times: margarita, red wine, peeps. Each one completely justified and delicious.

This weeks dinner menu. Jealous? It's awesome, dry erase marker, and easy for Chef Sam to see and follow. Don't worry, we did eat Sunday - but I wrote the menu Sunday night, so seemed silly to fill it in.

We also took the boys out to look at the neighborhood lights. Their "MiniVan Express" tickets were a hit. We did Christmas music, popcorn, and fuzzy jammies. To be young at Christmas time.....the best!

I will leave you with this delicious treat: chocolate dipped peppermint peep. What?!

Product review coming soon from Skratch Labs. I'm pretty excited about it. I've heard alot about them. They also have The Feed Zone Cookbook - check it out!