Thursday, December 13, 2012

Crossfit Newbie

 It's official. Sam and I have joined a Crossfit Gym and even though everything hurts - we are LOVING it!

Our first WOD (workout of the day) was last Sunday. It was hard, but not too scary. The next day was painful....but in a good way. I went Tuesday night and Sam went Wednesday night for our second WOD. It was scary but I loved it!

I spent most of last night making some Paleo friendly foods. Dinner was steamed kale and spicy shrimp. Breakfast this morning was egg cups with sausage, water, coffee. Lunch will be peppers, snap peas, and left over spicy shrimp. I'm doing my 3rd WOD tonight (eek!).

I would love any Crossfit/Paleo websits or blogs that people like. I've just started reading PaleOMG (sent to me by a friend) and it's hilarious!

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