Monday, December 24, 2012

An early Christmas gift and Skratch Product Review

I got my first gift. Crossfit shoes!
That made getting the WOD done a MUST! I had to show OFF those new kicks. We did the 12 Days of Christmas WOD. It sounded much worse than it was, but the most sweaty I've been after a workout. Glad it's done.

The new kicks are great! They are really comfortable and most importantly they look cool. I'm pretty sure I moved faster today. You can even custom make them - which I will be doing when I need a new pair.

During and after the work out I sipped on Skratch.Last week I drank the Orange flavor and today I chose Raspberry. Now, if you like Gatorade (bleh) or anything else that is syrupy during or after a workout you may need time to get used to Skratch. It's all natural, nothing artificial, with actual fruit flavors. I was initially surprised by the orange because I was expecting that syrupy flavor - but it just tastes like a slice of orange was floating around in there. The drink was actually refreshing and didn't sit heavy in my belly. I have lemon lime and pineapple to try.....I'm pretty intrigued by the pineapple. I wish they had a coconut one (hint hint). Sam and I are trying to be more aware of what we are eating - not so focused on calories, fat, etc....but chemicals. I'm much happier knowing that there is an electrolyte drink out there that is all natural and low in calories that tastes good. Other thing I loved? That they come in single sticks. I often don't have time to deal with the big ol bag of powder....sticks are where it's at. I will be ordering more and I will have to get their cookbook too. 

Merry Christmas Eve!