Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring Break - Jealous?

So far Spring Break has been awesome. Here are some of my awesome Spring Break Happenings:

1. Bachelorette Party in DC. I stayed up dancing till 3 am. Latest I've think I have EVER stayed up!

Pre-ordered our late night pizza. We are Pros

2. Went to NYC for a few days. We went on the Staten Island Ferry, walked for days, saw everything, ate breakfast with Katie, and had dinner with Syn. The weather was great and didn't start raining until right as we were leaving. Perfect!

First subway ride
Delish Ramen
NYC street snacks
Rockefeller Center
Ferris Wheel #thuglife
4D movie at the Central Park Zoo

3. The Open is done. This was my 3rd time doing the open and the best time I've had. Each workout was "one and done", there were no tears, no regrets, and lots of laughs. I'm glad I did it and was able to be smart about it. The Open is something different for everyone. For me it's learning how to push and care without taking things too seriously. I'm not going to Regionals as an Athlete. That's ok. That doesn't take away anything I've accomplished. I'm very proud of what I've done in these 2 years of Crossfit. 

4. Signed up for a nutritional challenge that starts with body composition on April 9th through the gym. Gotta grow my muscles!

5. Beautiful weather = garage WOD today with Holly and Zach

3 rounds:
2:00 burpees
1:00 rest
2:00 max calorie row
1:00 rest
2:00 kettle bell swing
1:00 rest

score = total reps = 370

The best part? I still have half my spring break left!!!! WOOT WOOT!