Sunday, September 26, 2010

I ran 18 a row!

First of all, can't get the pics to cooperate. That's me in the ice bath, us at the end, us at the beinging, and me showing off the race attire. I'm really happy with everything I picked. I'm SUPER happy with the compression sleeves. LOVE THEM!

I did it! I still can't believe it! 18 miles done, I was terrified, and I did it! Of course, with the help of Alyson. We ran 18 miles and we've been friends for 18 years. She's awesome, we are running for her brother nick ( and she pushed me through the last mile BIG TIME.

We met at 7:30 and ran the W and OD trail. We ran 9 out and 9 back. Pretty easy peasy, not more than 4 hills and there was a 7-11 at mile 9 where we went to the bathroom and refilled our water. I did have to make about 3 pit stops in the woods to pee. I think the fuel belt was pushing on my bladder.

We started out in the rain. It rained most of the time. That makes us more bad ass right? No blisters, but super soggy feet. No pains, but my right knee felt like I walk/ran the last mile. Alyson got very Jillian (biggest looser) on me - which I LOVE.

Finishing 18 miles is amazing. Checking it off my training plan is amazing. Knowing that I can run 18 miles means I can finish the marathon, even if I walk after 18. I am so happy, proud, emotional.....

I got Mcdonald's hot chocolate and went home. My husband bought me flowers for doing 18 miles (too sweet) and I got in an ice bath. That. was. cold. I took a rest/nap when my 2 year old napped. I feel great - tired - but great! We actually hit 1/2 marathon time 7 minutes after our 1/2 marathon race time! That's crazy! I feel so ready for this marathon I can't believe I have to wait 5 weeks.

PS. I have a triathlon on sunday. In total denial about it. It's my first one. EEK!