Friday, September 24, 2010

Rough and Tough

Mason decided that he wanted to be a ninja, so what better way to get your gear? That's right, painters tape. Fabulous idea until we took it off......pulled out some hairs. Ouch!

Sammy decided Mr. Incredible was more his style. He asked what his super powers were and I told him "being strong". He wasn't super happy about that "that's it?" but he had fun and no ripped hair when he took it off.

I am not feeling like a superhero or a ninja today. I think I have what half my school has - some bug that makes you feel crappy. I have teachers guilt, so I'm here plugging away. I have decided that I will go home at lunch and sleep this off - hopefully.

The biggest relief I've had today is that I have off on my training schedule. Whew! I ran my plan totally this week! Even in the 90+degrees yesterday. What was that!? I forgot my fuel belt, my run had zero shade, and it was HOT HOT HOT. I did 5 miles, slowly, but I did it. It was a good mental toughness day for me.

This weekend is my 18 mile run. Supposed to be 71 degrees Sunday when we run. I could not be more happy about that. I have 2 days to kick this nasty feeling and then it's go time. I'm sticking to soups, water, and tea today. Hoping this is a 24 bug and I'll be good as new tomorrow.

What does everyone have planned for the weekend?