Thursday, September 2, 2010


It's here! Road trip time! Me and my Sole Sisters will be leaving Saturday AM to head to Va Beach for the 1/2 marathon. We are all going to spend the night at Alyson's house friday I better get packing! AH! What do I bring?

1. running shoes (terrified I will forget these)
2. super cute running outfit
3. Cute sundress for afterwards with comfy shoes
4. fuel belt

5. Performance
6. Gu
7. wallet (don't want to forget that!)
8. socks

Am I forgetting things? Probably!

I guess this is what it will look like out there at some point in the race. I'm so excited to run with so many spectators! The hurricane forecast is saying High 80's for race day with "abundant sunshine" - sounds cheery, but I could do without the word "abundant". I'm excited to do the race report, really hoping that it's a happy one.

The Plan:

Plan A: PR or 2 hours flat

Plan B: PR of less than 2:11:54

Plan C: Have a great time and just finish the thing!